Foundations of
cosmic ray astrophysics

International school of physics ``Enrico Fermi`` - Course 208
25-30 June 2020


High-energy Cosmic Rays and gamma-radiationParticle acceleration in Pulsars and PWNe and many others...


Felix AharonianElena AmatoPasquale BlasiCarmelo Evoliand others...

Information & Venue

Thursday, 25 June 2020Tuesday, 30 June 2020€ 900,00 (VAT included) for attendance, board, lodging and Proceedings

General Information

Content of the School

The aim of the School is to advance knowledge about the current status of research in the field of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics, with a focus on the interplay between cosmic particles, gas, magnetic fields, and their role in star-formation and galaxy evolution. It will bring together experts on both theory and observations of cosmic rays and will contribute to the growth of a community of young researchers that can boost this field of investigation. The present quality of cosmic ray, gamma and neutrino data warrants a critical and constructive discussion of the cosmic-ray physics. This is expected to improve in the upcoming future, given the large efforts in current observational facilities, with the aim of accessing the answers to the open issues in the field.

About the School

The School of Physics ``Enrico Fermi`` is one of the most significant cultural activities of the Italian Physical Society (SIF) and it was founded in 1953 by the President of that time, Prof. Giovanni Polvani. The first edition in 1953 was focused on the contribution from cosmic rays to elementary particle physics. Patrick M. S. Blackett, Cecil Powell, Hannes Alfvén and Beppo Occhialini, were invited to lecture in Varenna.
Since then, the seat of the School was chosen to be Villa Monastero in Varenna, a most beautiful and characteristic village in the eastern bank of Como Lake.
The Courses of the School by now have become a special and precious opportunity of meeting for scientists and young physicists from all over the world and have reached considerable international prestige.
At the end of the Course, all lectures are published in the series ``Proceedings of the International School of Physics Enrico Fermi`` of the Italian Physical Society.

Prerequisities and schedule

Admissions reserved to international PhD students and young post-doctoral researchers with a background in Astroparticle Physics and Astrophysics. A good level of English is needed (B2).
A school webpage will be maintained and lecturers will be asked to post their presentations in advance, so that students can study them in due time.
Participants will be limited to 40 and selected on the basis of their CV and a reference letter.
The school is organized over 6 days, the first day starting on Thursday (June 25) at 09.00, and ending on Tuesday (June 30) at lunch time. Students are expected to arrive on Wednesday, 24 June 2020. Classes will be held for 7 hrs/day.

Deadline for application 15 April 2020

Our lecturers