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The interaction of charged particles with magnetic turbulence is responsible for the transport of non thermal particles in the Cosmos, and is at the very basis of our understanding of how cosmic rays are accelerated and how they propagate in virtually any astrophysical environment.
Moreover, cosmic rays are a major component of the interstellar medium. Their energy density is similar to the energy density of interstellar gas, galactic magnetic field, and starlight. Cosmic rays impact the dynamics of the interstellar medium, and affect physical and chemical processes that are responsible for the formation of stellar structures and galaxies themselves.
The aim of this School is to spread knowledge of the current status of research in this field, with a focus on the interplay between cosmic rays, gas, magnetic fields, and their role in star-formation and galaxy evolution, which in turn affect cosmic ray injection in the interstellar medium. At larger scale, we also focus on mechanisms of extragalactic propagation and production of secondary messengers.
It will bring together experts on both theory and observations of cosmic ray, astrochemistry and galaxy formation and evolution and contribute to the growth of a community of young researchers that can boost this field of investigation.
The present quality of cosmic ray, gamma and neutrino data warrants a critical and constructive discussion of the cosmic-ray transport problem. This is expected to improve in the upcoming future, given the large efforts in current observational facilities, with the aim of accessing the answers to the open issues in the field.


Admissions reserved to international PhD students and young post-doctoral researchers with a background in Astroparticle Physics and Astrophysics.
A good level of English is needed (B2).
Participants will be limited to 50 and selected on the basis of their CV and a reference letter.

General Information

The school, organized within the framework of the International School of Physics “Enrico Fermi”, will be held in the beautiful Villa Monastero at Varenna, on Lake Como.
Classes will be held for 7 hrs/day. A school webpage will be maintained and lecturers will be asked to post their presentations in advance, so that students can study them in due time.
The school is organized over 6 days, the first day starting on Thursday (June 25) at 09.00, and ending on Tuesday (June 30) at lunch time. Students are expected to arrive on Wednesday, 24 June 2020.

Discover our lecturers


Ellen Zweibel


Emma de Ona Wilhelmi


Lorenzo Sironi


Pasquale Dario Serpico


Alexandre Marcowith


Stefano Gabici

L’Aquila – il ricercatore Carmelo Evoli

Carmelo Evoli


Damiano Caprioli


Denise Boncioli

ICRC 2015

Pasquale Blasi


Elena Amato


Felix Aharonian