Interactions of Cosmic Rays with matter and radiation


The main goal of these lectures is to outline the fundamental mechanisms and processes (leptonic and hadronic, with matter and radiation) that high-energy particles undergo in typical galactic and extragalactic environments. These interactions are an important ingredient entering the cosmic ray propagation, contributing to shape their energy spectrum and also affecting their composition. The neutral byproducts of the charged energetic particle interactions (gamma rays and neutrinos) point back to their production point, and are themselves signals one can look for and study.

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I am a theoretical astroparticle physicist, broadly interested in the applications of fundamental physics to astrophysical and cosmological systems, and to the implications of the observations of astro-cosmo phenomena for new physics. My areas of expertise include high-energy astrophysics (also applied to indirect dark matter searches) and particle cosmology (primordial nucleosynthesis, CMB as a probe of exotic physics...), with recurrent incursions in the astrophysics and cosmology of neutrinos. Currently CNRS staff researcher in Annecy (France), with postdoctoral experiences at Fermilab (USA) and CERN (CH) after a PhD in Munich (Germany).

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